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Performing Arts




Band instruction is offered in middle school as an elective. Students in 6th Grade Band will learn how to play their chosen instrument with special emphasis on tone production, breath support, embouchure, and reading and playing simple rhythms. In 7th and 8th grade, students rehearse as a large group. Rehearsals focus on tone production, breath support, lyrical interpretation of concert music, and proper phrasing of musical passages. Scale studies, rhythm exercises, and exercises from the band method book enhance rehearsals.

Students perform in various school performances and area competitions.


6th Grade Drama

This year-long course introduces students to the beginning elements of theatre arts. Students will explore their own artistic potential using theatre games and improvisational exercises that work on learning the basic techniques of acting, character, presentation skills, and scriptwriting. Classwork will focus on the exploration of theater literature, performances, historical and cultural connections, and technical requirements. Improvisation, creative dramatics, and beginning scene work are used to introduce students to acting and character development. Each semester will conclude in a culminating performance.

7th Grade Drama
In this year-long course, students will continue to build on the basic elements of theatre while focusing on their individual progress and their ability to engage in the rehearsal development process both individually and with others. Theater games and other ensemble building exercises will continue. Students will apply vocal and movement techniques appropriate for theatre activities and presentations. Additionally, students will regularly engage in skit/scene creation and development through pantomime, monologues, open scenes, and storytelling. Each semester will conclude in a culminating performance.
8th Grade Drama

This year-long course is an in-depth, multi-leveled study of skills and techniques of basic theatre arts, with the additional elements of film. This will include the principles of acting, stage, and film industry terms, while also studying the elements of technical theatre. Students will work with short scenes, full-length scripts and screenplays to expand their understanding of works by significant playwrights, screenwriters, and directors. Students will also design and create simple scenery, costumes, props, lighting, sound, music, and/or makeup for dramatic presentations. Each semester will conclude in a culminating performance.

These courses are separate from the after-school, extracurricular musical that is performed during the school year. Students do not need to be enrolled in Drama to participate in the musical. Those that are enrolled in Drama will not be required to participate in the musical.


Chorus students also have the opportunity to audition for Mt. Bethel's Spring Musical. Previous productions include Disney's Little Mermaid, Jr., Disney's Lion King, Jr., and James and the Giant Peach, . Students participating in the musical will receive stylistically and age-appropriate vocal instruction, learn theater terminology, and have the opportunity to assist with choreography and stage direction.