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Middle School Technology includes an introduction to technology, design, engineering, and computer science. For students interested in STEM, these classes provide an opportunity for middle schoolers to begin learning important technology, design, and engineering concepts, while also getting hands-on exposure through project-based activities. The middle school curriculum introduces digital productions (photo/video/media design), 3D modeling (3D design, CAD, 3D Printing), Innovation & Design (engineering & product development), computer science concepts (programming), and physical computing (smart devices, robotics, drones).

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6th Grade

Intro to Technology, Design & Engineering 

This semester-long course introduces and exposes students to the exciting world of STEM.  Students explore the digital realms of Computer Science, Digital Design, 3D Modeling, and Computer-Aided Design.  Using the Engineering Design Process, students also explore the physical realms of Digital Fabrication, 3D Printing, Robotics, and hands-on engineering projects. 

Example Projects:  
3D Modeling (Sketchup / TinkerCAD),  3D Printing, Digital Fab Innovation, Website Design, Intro to Coding with Robotics and Virtual Reality, Engineering Structures with Siege Machines

7th Grade

Technology & Robotics I

This semester-long course builds on the introductory topics covered in sixth grade.  In some areas, students engage with the same tools but at a higher level of complexity, while in other areas they approach the topic with more advanced tools. Students start to go deeper into programming, computer aided design, robotics and physical computing, all while applying the Design Process.
Computer Aided Design (beyond Tinkercad), Intro to Physical Computing, Intro to Coding, and Robotics.​
Foundations in STEM I

​This semester-long course seeks to grow students' capacity for creativity, innovation, and learning from a technology and engineering perspective.  Students develop and use problem-solving skills as they progress through the engineering design process. Working both individually and in groups, students will work to design, build, test, refine, and present innovative solutions to various challenges. 
Computer Aided Design (beyond Tinkercad), Engineering Design Process,  Introduction to engineering disciplines (civil, mechanical, Electrical), Digital Fabrication.​

8th Grade

Technology & Robotics II

​This semester course builds on the topics covered in seventh grade. Students continue to pursue their passions with more open-ended projects that seek to combine computer aided design, programming, robotics, and embedded systems.  Students may pursue a project pathway focused on computer science / programming and/or engineering mobile robotics.

Coding Projects:  Intro to Java with App Development or Robotic programming
Robotics Projects:  Engineering Complex Robotic Mechanisms


Foundations in STEM II

​This semester-long course builds on the topics covered in seventh grade.  Students will continue with a second part of foundations in STEM, learning additional engineering concepts with various design & build challenges focused on environmental, biomedical, and adventure engineering.  The course culminates with a "Kickstarter" group project where students design, build, test, and market a new product based on an existing problem or community need.

Engineering Projects related to Energy & Environment, Bioengineering, and Adventure Engineering) ; Product Innovation with Kickstarter / Shark Tank