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At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, there are numerous ways students can explore visual arts. Fine art instruction begins in kindergarten and builds a foundation for continued study throughout middle school. Students gain a thorough understanding of the elements of art and principals of design. From an understanding of art history and technique to the creation of diverse art forms, students explore and are exposed to a multitude of visual arts mediums.

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy participates in the annual ACSI Arts Festival, Scottish Rite Hospital Christmas Card Contest, and culminates the school year with the annual Night of the Arts.

6th Grade

Art 6

In sixth grade art, students explore a variety of media as they continue to build their skills in drawing, painting, and graphics. Theory is introduced to further elaborate upon ideas about color, perspective, and design. Teachers discuss artists, artwork, and provide technique demonstrations to develop the four strands of art education: art appreciation, art history, art production, and art criticism; as well as problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

7th Grade

Visual Arts I

During a semester of Visual Arts I, students focus on further developing art skills, vocabulary, creativity, and concepts of design. Two-dimensional lessons may include painting, collage, drawing, printmaking, and digital art. Three-dimensional projects may include functional or sculptural ceramic experiences. Art history, art appreciation, and art criticism are integrated into the lessons as a framework of the curriculum.


Digital Art & Design I: 
Drawing on the Computer and Illustrator

This one-semester course introduces students to the computer as an instrument to create a page layout, vector art, and digital design. Students will learn the functions of the Mac computer and how to troubleshoot technology. Current software featured is: Adobe Illustrator CC. Concepts learned are a great foundation for anyone pursuing a career in the print industry, for production artists, illustrators, animators, and graphic designers.


8th Grade

Visual Art II

In Visual Art II, students express themselves creatively through drawing, graphics, sculpting, painting, photography, 3D ceramic sculpture, and digital art to develop skills and concepts. Composition, technique, the elements of art and principles of design, and attention-to-detail are explored. Art history, art appreciation, problem solving, and critical thinking are integrated into lessons.


Digital Art & Design II: Photography and Photoshop

Photography and Digital Art are the focus of this semester class, with students learning how to capture images using different photographic methods, including digital SLR cameras and scanners. Using the images they capture, students will learn how to process and incorporate them into projects that communicate an effective message. The core concepts of this class give students an introduction to a career in photography, advertising, digital art, retouching and restoration.