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STEM Honors Progam

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy Upper School offers a comprehensive four-year STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) honors program. STEM is designed to help students learn to think critically and innovatively while formulating solutions to complex problems. The goal of this program is to develop students' God-given talents and prepare them to excel in future STEM related majors and careers. STEM students have a natural curiosity for how things work and enjoy understanding how the STEM subjects interact with each other and are applied to solving real-world problems. Successful students will need to be able to develop their own ideas and designs as well as work effectively as team members.

After an introductory Foundations in STEM course freshman year, sophomores have the opportunity to choose from two STEM tracks: Engineering or Biomedical. The Engineering students are interested in pursuing a career related to one of the many engineering fields; the Biomedical students are interested in pursuing a career related to the medical, veterinary, or biotechnology field. Both tracks conclude with a capstone course, which includes an internship and a research component. Each STEM course is an honors level course. The courses are academically challenging and move at an accelerated pace.

In order to become a STEM honors graduate, students must earn 32 credits. Of these, students are expected to enter Upper School with at least 1 credit in Physical Science, 1 credit in Algebra I , and 1 credit in a World Language. Students are encouraged to complete the ½ credit Health requirement over a summer. In addition to meeting the non-STEM graduation requirements, students must also complete a minimum of five mathematics courses, six science courses with a minimum of four courses at the honors or AP level, and four STEM courses. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be distinguished as STEM honors graduates, which will be indicated on their diploma and transcript.