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At Mt. Bethel, we view the study of Scripture and Christian living to be as essential as any other core subject. The central aim of our Bible curriculum is to help students understand and apply the principles of a Christian worldview.

Our course sequence is designed to equip students to articulate their beliefs and encourage them to become a living witness by radiating the love of Christ in college, career and community.

Freshman Year

Old Testament and the Life of Jesus

During their Freshman year, students will begin the Bible Curriculum by learning about the Old Testament and the Gospels. This course provides students with a base of knowledge about the Christian scriptures. It also helps them to understand the fundamental stories of our faith in order to see how their story of faith aligns with the central message of the Bible. Finally, as students spend time intentionally looking at the life and person of Jesus through the New Testament Gospels, they are provided with a foundation for their understanding of salvation and the mission of Jesus.

Sophomore Year

Church History

As Sophomores, Mt. Bethel students continue their Bible curriculum by examining the history of the church. With this course, we seek to expand student understanding of the foundation, operation and expectation of the 1st century church by examining the rest of the New Testament, starting with Acts and ending in Revelation. The second half of the class is designed to give an overview of the development of the historical church. This overview focuses on those issues which have divided, unified, challenged and strengthened the church in the past in order to inform our understanding of the church in the modern world.

Junior Year

Worldviews and World Religions

The Junior level Bible course expands the students’ scope of knowledge to understand the beliefs of other faiths and religions in the world. In order to become informed, tolerant, and reasonable young people, the Worldviews and World Religions course investigates the belief systems of the major world religions. With a solid, foundational understanding of Christianity developed in the 9th and 10th grade years, this course exposes students to the other ways in which people understand the world.

Senior Year

Ethics and Apologetics

This Ethics and Apologetics course is designed to send off the Mt. Bethel Senior class into college and the world with a firm understanding of the Christian faith and how to make thoughtful and wise ethical decisions. This course is the capstone of the Bible curriculum at Mt. Bethel and includes three major components. The first is the students’ study of ethics, or how to determine whether an action is right or wrong. The second is the study of apologetics, which is the discipline of “defending the faith”, or being able to intelligently respond to the criticisms and objections against Christianity. The third major component of the course is the Senior Rhetorical Thesis. This thesis is a way for students to take a position on a topic of their interest, craft a persuasive argument, and defend their position in front of their peers and community. By the end of any student’s time at Mt. Bethel, we hope they will be able to securely answer and defend their positions to the questions “What is good?” and “Who is God?”