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At Mt. Bethel Christian, we believe that the world around us was meant to be experienced - up close and in person. From kindergarten through twelfth grade, students in our science classes benefit from our rich tradition of inquiry-based learning. They encounter each subject through experimentation and in the process, develop the critical thinking skills needed to prepare students for college-level study and to develop scientific literacy, so they can form sound opinions and take effective action.

Freshman Year


Biology is the science that seeks to understand the living world; therefore, this course focuses on the organization, structure, and function of living things. This study provides an introduction to the many aspects of the study of life, including cell structure, genetics, inheritance and natural selection, as well as plants, microorganisms and human body systems. Students learn through hands-on labs, team-based activities, lectures, self-study, and out of class assignments. Our goal is for students to understand the full ange of theories in biology and to see how they can be framed from a Christian worldview with God as the Creator of life.

Biology Honors 

Biology Honors focuses on the organization, structure, function and wonder of living organisms and their environment. Students learn through experiments, lectures, cooperative teams, as well as self-study activities and assignments. Students delve deeper into the biochemical components that make up living organisms, explore the different aspects and applications of genetics, and study the specific biological processes involved in the metabolic systems of both plants and animals. Students gain both a strong foundation for university-level study in biology and a greater appreciation and awe for God through the study of His creation.

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year