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Visual Arts

At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, quality visual art instruction will be provided by art specialists in and outside of the classroom. The instruction and practice of Visual Arts at MBCA is meant to enhance student literacy, and provide meaningful, enjoyable educational experiences while developing and promoting creativity. Throughout the visual arts program, students will develop their knowledge and techniques in art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. Through an exploration of a variety of media from drawing and painting, to printmaking and sculpture, students will develop a well-rounded concentration and portfolio. We believe that the arts integrate with all other subject areas to create learning opportunities for all students that communicate achievement, respect, freedom, and conviction. The arts provide an opportunity for self-exploration as well as self-expression; at Mt. Bethel art instructors guide and encourage students to take risks, question the norm, stand up for their beliefs, and achieve their goals. Our visual arts program is a discipline meant to help our students grow intellectually, spiritually, and personally to be successful Christ-like citizens in the world.