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2020-21 Lunch Plans

MBCA has a new lunch ordering system for at least August and September.  We have worked closely with MB Food Services to ensure students are given a variety of nutritious and appealing choices from which to select.  You and your child should review the menu information together and select the hot or cold options to be individually packaged and delivered to the classroom.  This will ensure your child receives what was ordered, and children with food allergies are sure to get the correct meal.

A menu will be available on our website by the 1st of each month for the following month.  A reminder will be shared to Schoology around the 13th of each month.  Each child needs a separate order, so if you have multiple children at the Academy, please fill one out for each child.  Orders must be submitted by the 20th of each month (except for August - deadline is July 30).  

In order for the system to run smoothly, no changes can be made after submission. You will receive a confirmation email so you have a record of the selections made and can share that information with your student about what he/she can expect to receive that day. 

***PLEASE NOTE: by THURSDAY, JULY 30, you need to select your August meals using the following website:  Enter your child's name and their school email address.  Every child's school email address is formatted the same way -  You'll then put in your email address and select the child's homeroom teacher.  That information will be coming to you on July 24th when you receive your email notification to sign up for a parent-teacher conference prior to the start of school (they take place on August 3 and 4 for calendar purposes).

Once you enter that information, you'll see a link for the monthly menu to see the hot option choices.  Select the "Next" button at the bottom of that screen to be taken to the screen that allows you to see all the options available as well as choose side items where appropriate.  Go through the entire month to choose your meals, and you'll get a confirmation email that your choices have been recorded.

Mark your calendars for June 24th as the day you get your class placement details, and make sure to complete both your parent-teacher conference sign up and your menu choices once you have that information!  If no selections for your child are recorded by the July 30th deadline, your child will receive a sandwich lunch.  If you have any trouble with your child's email address, please contact John DuVal at If you have any questions about the food or this ordering process, please email