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Division Level Missions

Lower School

As a group, students in the Lower School have always supported several international students through a program administered by ACSI. Although that particular program has dissolved, the Lower School students continue to support the spreading of the Word of Christ internationally through the Community Hope School of Namibia. John and Suzanne Hunter opened this school for children that come from vulnerable homes in the community of Katutura, just outside the capital city of Windhoek. This community has been greatly affected by the spread of AIDs, high unemployment rates, alcoholism and violence. Many of the children are orphans living with extended family members and many cannot afford to go to school. Sponsorship makes it possible for a child to receive Christian education and receive the basic necessities, such as food, uniforms, school supplies and basic health care, that are needed in order to excel at school. Mr. Hunter helps support his school through this beautiful pottery, which he brings to a chapel service for the Lower School students each year. The students have a personal connection with him, which makes raising funds for his school a very natural fit for MBCA students.

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Middle School

In our middle school, students participate in a multitude of mission based projects through their House system. These challenges change from year to year depending on the needs in the local community. During the 2011-2012 school year, the fall challenge supported the Lighthouse Family Retreat. Houses worked together to collect and earn funds to donate to this ministry. Some students donated from their own personal piggy banks while others held bake sales and cookie sales within their neighborhoods and at school to raise funds. Several students donated their birthday money to this cause, and some families opted to write checks and make family donations. Overall, the students collected over $3,000, and the money was used to purchase a camera and some of the other items on their wish list. Gifts and cash were presented to Lighthouse at a Middle School chapel service so that the students could see the fruit of their labor.

The spring challenge supported The Garden ministry. Houses brought in items from a predetermined list to be donated to The Garden on the day of The Great Day of Service, a MBUMC sponsored event. Students donated cereals, cleaning items, socks, and trash bags for this challenge. The students were educated about this ministry during chapel, and the Houses will support this cause again in the 2012-2013 school year. In addition to work done during school, students in Middle School are required to earn between 10-20 service hours per year.

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Upper School

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