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I am so pleased that you are taking time to visit our school’s home on the web. I hope you’ll spend a few moments browsing the pages on this site where you will be able to learn much about our school community and importantly, what sets us apart.

At Mt. Bethel, we value community. As a school of approximately 400 families, your child will be known. His strengths, his challenges, his many successes and occasional setbacks will play out in the context of a nurturing classroom and a loving teacher who has the time and desire to know him well. You’ll form friendships with like-minded families who share your desire for a school that will prepare your child to pursue a lifetime of learning built on a foundation of faith.

As helpful as we hope our website is in describing the Mt. Bethel experience, there is no substitute for a personal visit. Please visit our campus and see for yourself what a difference our school can make in the life of a child. I know you’ll be glad that you did and I hope to meet you soon.


Chip Barber
Head of Operations