Pathways Learning Center

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  • Welcome to the Pathways Learning Center

    Mt. Bethel Christian Academy is a place where students are nurtured, loved, and supported for who they are.
By purposeful design, we are a preparatory school, and all of our students are working toward the same destination – college.
That said, we believe every child is uniquely and wonderfully made by God and reflects His image. That uniqueness means that, although their destination is the same, our students may take different paths to reach a common end.

In order to better support that effort and ensure that all of our students are celebrated for their individual, God-given gifts and talents, we created the Pathways Learning Center. The program allows students in need of additional academic support and more individualized instruction the opportunity to shine!

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  • Pathways Student Profile

    So, what does a Pathways student look like? An MBCA Pathways student has diagnosed and recognized learning challenges but is still able to be academically successful in and out of his/her selected Pathways classes. We are able to uphold our high standard of academic excellence by maximizing our learning environment and teaching our students the skills they need to be successful. Our intentionally low student-to-teacher ratio allows a high degree of personal attention to individual strengths and weaknesses. By identifying those areas of need, students gain confidence along with their skills, resulting in increased independence and ownership of their own learning.
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Our Program

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  • First & Second Grade

    Our youngest students in grades 1-2, will receive explicit phonics and reading instruction in a small group setting. 
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  • Third - Fifth Grade

    Students in grades 3-5 will have the opportunity to be in a small group class with explicit instruction in English/Language Arts, Math, and/or, beginning in 4th grade, Executive Functioning.
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  • Middle School

    Middle School students in Pathways have the opportunity to take Pathways Math, Pathways English, and/or Executive Functioning. 
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  • Upper School

    Students in the Upper School can choose Directed Studies, Math Support, or Writing Center.
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