Upper School

Grades 9-12

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  • Welcome to the Upper School

    Mt. Bethel Christian Academy is a place where young men and women discover and develop the skills, talents, and passion to reach their highest level of influence.
As students grow, they absorb their surroundings, embrace their experiences, explore their giftedness, and fix their direction. Education shapes who they are, how they see the world, and how they act within it. The MBCA experience is about the cultivation of virtue and the development of a deep appreciation of truth, goodness, and wisdom.

We believe every student has a God-given purpose, which is why we have personalized academic tracks. If a student excels in science, we will help them advance to AP Physics or enroll in our STEM Academy. If creative writing, fine arts, robotics, or another discipline is more aligned with a student’s bent our faculty and staff will partner with families providing options like AP Composition, theater, art, or music. MBCA is preparing students intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually to engage the world, to succeed educationally, to relate compassionately, and to communicate clearly.

How does this happen? Development happens in the classroom, on the field, and through co-curricular activities. Through deep personal relationships our talented faculty engage and inspire students to uncover their calling, providing the tools and preparation needed to effectively navigate the early adult years. Students are taught to accept responsibility, to use their talent, skills, and influence to solve big problems and do hard things. Our master teachers challenge students by engaging hearts, developing the body, and stimulating the mind in a Christ centered, caring community of faith.

What will our graduates look like in ten years? They will look like entrepreneurs, business owners, engineers, teachers, musicians, nurses, doctors, lawyers, missionaries, and other professionals leveraging their influence and faith to positively impact the world. The young people currently sitting in our classrooms, playing on our courts, and engaging in service across the community are these future leaders.

Come explore the possibilities of joining the Mt. Bethel Christian Academy family where potential is recognized, passions fueled, and the whole person is prepared to make a tangible difference in society. Check us out, pray for us, support us, and join us as we honor the Lord.

In Him, 
Eric E. Pratt, Ph.D.

Upper School Curriculum