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MBCA Curriculum

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  • Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Kindergarten is a time for discovery that incorporates play.
This discovery process will incorporate play, academics, socialization, and the development of a Christian heart. Collaboration with parents is a very important part of our program, and we look forward to parents’ participation in the classroom throughout the year. *

The Kindergarten Team

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  • Bible

    Students are exposed to a multitude of Biblical stories through interactive flannel boards, including: Creation, Jesus and His miracles, parables, birth, death and resurrection, and historical figures of both the Old and New Testaments. Students are led in daily prayers and are expected to memorize and recite key Bible verses. As a grade level, the students participate in supporting MUST Ministries as their grade level mission project.
  • Math

    Using Progress in Mathematics, students utilize numbers in a variety of ways. In addition to calendar math, students learn number sense through counting, skip counting, and basic addition and subtraction. Students also identify shapes, label and calculate the value of coins, tell time, and recognize patterns.
  • Phonics, Reading, and Language Arts

    Building an early foundation of phonemic and phonological awareness is imperative for future reading success. Using the Super Kids Structured Literacy program, students begin instruction by learning letter recognition, which builds to sound-symbol connections, decoding consonant and vowel sounds, word building using short vowel families, and ultimately word recognition. Using letter formation skills, students experiment with interactive writing through journal writing and dictation and learn basic sentence structure.

    Through a variety of literature styles, students recognize fundamental reading comprehension skills and are exposed to both fiction and non-fiction works.
  • Science

    In a study of God’s world, students incorporate a variety of hands-on learning techniques in the following areas: the seasons, insects, health & body, space, animal classification and adaptations, and dinosaurs. A field trip to a farm and an in-house presentation about the Jurassic period rounds out the student experience. Additionally, students discuss proper nutrition and health as they explore their senses.
  • Social Studies

    With a focus on family and Christian holiday celebrations, students learn about the family unit and Thanksgiving, Christmas, President's Day, and Easter traditions. Additionally, students are able to define and describe community helpers, read a basic map, and follow cardinal directions.