Application Process

Applying to MBCA

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  • How to Apply

    We are delighted that you have decided to apply your child to Mt. Bethel Christian Academy and we look forward to assisting you with the application process.

Steps to Apply

Each of the application steps are summarized below and may be selected for more information. We encourage you to please consult our application checklist. International students, please email for more information about your application for admission.

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy seeks students who will contribute to and benefit from our college-preparatory program.  MBCA best serves those who are prepared and motivated to meet the requirements of a challenging academic program, and we strive to select students based on their academic potential, interest in and readiness for MBCA's programs, as well as a willingness to contribute to the MBCA community.

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

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  • Step One: Application & Payment

    To initiate the application process, please complete the following:
    • Complete the online application. New users will be prompted to create an account.
    • Pay your application fee online. If you choose to pay by mail, please remit payment and payment voucher to Mt. Bethel Christian Academy within 7 days.
      • The Application fee for JK-2nd Grade is $175, which covers the cost of both the student's application and entrance assessment.  
      • The Application fee for 3rd-5th Grade is $100 and assessments will be provided through the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) at an additional charge.
      • Application fee for Middle and Upper School is $100. The ISEE (offered on campus for an additional charge) or PSAT will be accepted in lieu of the SSAT for Middle and Upper School applicants.
    • After completing the online application, you will receive an email confirmation with additional instructions.
    • Please submit your child's birth certificate (submit by mail or fax) or email it to
  • Step Two: Teacher/Counselor Evaluation Forms

    After completing your online application, you will receive a confirmation email (as referenced above) prompting you to sign into your admissions account again. When your application reads "submitted," you will need to follow the following instructions below to complete your application:
    Download the appropriate teacher evaluation form(s). Please forward the required teacher evaluation form(s) to your child's current teacher(s) for completion. We ask that teachers return the evaluations to us within seven days.

    Lower School Teacher Evaluation Forms
    : For students applying to JK through 5th grade:
    Middle School Teacher Evaluation Forms: For students applying to 6th through 8th grade:
    Upper School Teacher Evaluation Forms: For students applying to 9th through 12th grade:

    Upload a photo of your child (recommended, but not required).
  • Step Three: School Records

    For students applying for 1st through 12th grades, please complete the Transcript Release Authorization Form and give to your child's current school. This authorizes them to send us a copy of your child's current report card and a copy of the previous year's final grades, along with any standardized test scores that may be in their file. The Transcript Release Authorization Form should be given to your child's school within seven days of submitting your child's online application.
  • Step Four: School Visit and Personal Interview

    1st – 5th-Grade Applicants
    Applicants will shadow an MBCA student in their current grade level. This is a fun day for the students, giving them an opportunity to experience a full day as an Academy student, going to class, lunch, specials, etc. Upon submitting your application for admission, the Admissions office will contact you to set up this Shadow Day. As an additional part of the application process, families of applicants will also have a short interview with the Lower School Division Head. 

    6th –  12th-Grade Applicants

    Applicants will complete a Shadow Day and interview with the applicable division head or dean of students. This Shadow Day is designed to give prospective students an opportunity to experience a day as an Academy student, going to class and specials with an assigned Academy student, while the interview will allow for your child to ask specific questions about MBCA. Upon submitting your application for admission, the Admissions office will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

    International Students (9th-12th Grade Only)
    Students will be contacted to conduct a remote interview.
  • Step Five: Academic Testing

    Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Applicants
    All Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten applicants must be assessed for their readiness to begin school. Students will be observed in a small group setting as well as given a one-on-one readiness assessment. A member of our Admissions team will contact you with your scheduled appointment time.

    1st and 2nd Grade Applicants

    All 1st through 2nd grade applicants will be given an academic assessment designed to help us gain a better understanding of his/her academic exposure and abilities. A member of our Admissions team will contact you to schedule this appointment.

    3rd – 5th Grade Applicants

    All 3rd through 5th grade applicants will take a standard online assessment ranking his/her reasoning and achievement skills among students in the same grade. The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) enables students to take a single, fair, reliable test for entrance into top-performing independent schools.

    6th – 8th Grade Applicants

    SSAT Testing
    All Middle School applicants are required to submit SSAT or PSAT scores. If the SSAT or PSAT are unavailable, MBCA can provide an alternative assessment through ERB's Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).

    9th – 12th Grade Applicants
    All Upper School applicants are required to submit SSAT or PSAT scores to the Academy. The SSAT Code for Mt. Bethel Christian Academy is 5260. If the SSAT or PSAT are unavailable, MBCA can provide an alternative assessment through ERB's Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).

    International Students

    If a student is a non-native English speaker, they will be required to take the TOEFL. Under certain circumstances, the SSAT/PSAT may be required, as well.
  • Step Six: Decision Letters

    Lower and Middle School Applicants
    Applications completed by February 1, 2023 will be considered in our first-round of decisions. After the Admissions Committee reviews your child's file, an admission decision will be distributed via email.

    Applications received after the initial deadline will be considered on a rolling admissions basis and as classroom space is available, with decision emails sent in a timely manner. Please contact the Admissions Office to determine space availability.

    Upper School Applicants

    Admission to Upper School is conducted on a rolling basis beginning February 1. Admissions decisions will be conveyed by email.
  • Important Information for Learning Accommodations / MBCA's Pathways Program

    Mt. Bethel Christian Academy is a place where students are nurtured, loved, and supported for who they are.  This uniqueness means that our students may take different paths to reach a common destination: college.  In order to support our students, we created the Pathways Learning Center which allows students who need additional academic support an opportunity to shine.  MBCA also provides classroom accommodations for students who do not enroll in Pathways, but still have a demonstrated need for additional support.* During the Application Process, MBCA will review current 504s, IEPs, and/or Psycho-Educational Evaluations to better understand a student’s needs.  In order for a student to enroll in the Pathways Program for academic classes after second grade, a current Psycho-Educational Evaluation must remain on file. 

    MBCA considers a document as being “current” if it has been completed within the past three years for Lower and Middle School and/or completed within five years of the student’s anticipated graduation date for the Upper School.  In order for a student to receive learning accommodations during their career at MBCA, a current Psycho-Educational Evaluation from a private practice must remain on file.

    * At the Upper School, an annual accommodation fee of $500 will be charged for students who need accommodations but are not enrolled in the Pathways program. 
For admissions questions, please contact us at (678) 202-4062 or email Lee Mallon, Director of Admissions.