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Mt. Bethel Christian Academy is proud to offer a robust STEM program from Junior Kindergarten through our Upper School STEM Honors Program.


The Lower School STEM curriculum seeks to develop critical thinking, computational thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.  

Middle School Technology includes an introduction to technology, design, engineering, and computer science. For students interested in STEM, these classes provide an opportunity for middle schoolers to begin learning important technology, design, and engineering concepts, while also getting hands-on exposure through project-based activities. The middle school curriculum introduces 3D modeling (3D design, CAD, 3D Printing), Innovation & Design (engineering & product development), computer science concepts (programming), and physical computing (smart devices, robotics, drones).

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy Upper School offers a comprehensive four-year STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Honors Program. STEM is designed to help students learn to think critically and innovatively while formulating solutions to complex problems.