College Counseling

Compass Program

At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy's Upper School, we are committed to providing our students with a comprehensive education that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. That's why we have developed the Compass program - a unique and proprietary initiative designed to equip our students with essential skills and knowledge in four crucial areas: Academic Development, Career Planning, College Planning, and Personal Development. The Compass program serves as a guide on our students' journey towards graduation, helping them navigate the path to success.

The Compass program is structured to meet the specific needs of students at different grade levels. Weekly sessions are held during 30-minute blocks by grade-level, ensuring that students have access to valuable insights and guidance regularly throughout their high school experience.

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  • Freshman Year: Building a Strong Foundation

    In their first year of the program, our ninth-grade students embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill-building. They explore personality profiles, learning styles, study techniques, effective note-taking methods, and the importance of grades. Additionally, they gain an understanding of transcripts and course registration. To prepare for their academic journey, ninth-graders take the PSAT and the Pre-ACT. 
  • Sophomore Year: Exploring Career Possibilities

    During their sophomore year, students delve into the world of careers. They engage in timed online brain games that generate a personalized list of career matches based on their skills and interests. Our students then research these careers, considering factors like future salary, educational requirements, projected job openings, and related college majors. This year also marks the beginning of college exploration, as students compile their "Sweet 16" college list. 
  • Junior Year: College Preparation in Full Swing

    As students progress into their junior year, they intensify their college preparations. This includes arranging visits from college admissions representatives, planning college tours, researching the cost of living, and narrowing down their choices to the "Elite 8" colleges. Individualized one-on-one college meetings with families help streamline the college selection process, ensuring that students are well-informed and confident in their choices. The juniors also write one to two essays for the Common App admissions essays prompts. 
  • Senior Year: The Road to College

    The senior year is dedicated to the final steps of the college application process. Students receive guidance on submitting applications, securing recommendation letters, seeking scholarships, adhering to timelines, and understanding financial aid options. In addition, the program addresses the practical aspects of transitioning to college life, offering insights into overcoming potential challenges and ensuring campus safety. 
The Compass program serves as a bridge between our students and their college counselor, Mrs. Amy Bichsel, establishing a strong connection from the very beginning of their high school journey. By personalizing the college admissions process, our students receive tailored guidance and support at every step. 

The program's comprehensive nature eliminates the need for families to hire private college counselors. With Compass, every facet of the college planning and application process is thoughtfully guided by our curriculum, offering a students a clear and well-defined path to success. 
At MBCA, the Compass program is more than just a curriculum; it's a roadmap for students' future success. By nurturing their academic, career, college, and personal development, we empower them to navigate the exciting journey of high school with confidence and purpose. The Compass program exemplifies our commitment to providing a holistic education that equips our students for a bright and prosperous future.