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Junior Kindergarten

Welcome to Junior Kindergarten!

Established for young 5-year old students, the pace of our full-day academic program challenges students while allowing time for their physical and social development. A full day, academic junior kindergarten program is the best way to ensure future kindergarten success for young fives.

Our proprietary, discovery-based process blends play and academic structure to provide young learners with the academic, social, and emotional skills they need to be successful.

  • Unmatched Individual Attention - Our maximum student teacher ratio is 6:1.
  • Strongest Foundation for Kindergarten - Our program ensures every student has the skills and confidence they need to achieve their full potential in kindergarten.
  • Christ-Centered - Our faculty love God and love kids. Every child is encouraged in their faith and supported in an environment of Christian love and acceptance.
  • Safe and Secure - Our campus building is secure and protected by armed security personnel. Our faculty are fully certified and undergo initial and ongoing background screens. Our campus is located directly across the street from the 4th Precinct of Cobb County Police Department and Station 21 of the Cobb County Fire Department. No school campus in Cobb County is located closer to emergency services.

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Using interactive flannel boards, students explore many Biblical stories including Moses, Jesus, Joseph, Abraham, Noah, and many more. We pray throughout the day, and students are expected to memorize and recite key Bible verses that are important to their spiritual development. JK, along with kindergarten, participates in the “Blankets of Love” mission, making blankets for homeless shelters.


Using a curriculum designed specifically for Junior Kindergarten, students explore math concepts through hands-on manipulative, songs, and games. The concepts covered include: shapes, patterns, sorting, number recognition and counting, basic addition and subtraction, time, and money.

Phonics, Reading, and Language Arts

Phonemic and phonological awareness is the basis for building strong readers. Utilizing the Wright Skills program, we focus on letter recognition, letter sounds, decoding, word families, and word recognition. Handwriting and proper letter formation is taught through the Handwriting Without Tears program. Beginning writing skills are focused on using journal writing.

Beginning readers need a strong foundation of print concepts including recognizing parts of a book, words within sentences, reading from left to right, and sequence of events. A variety of non-fiction and fiction works are utilized, including science books, fairy tales, poetry, picture books, and rhyming books.


A variety of hands-on scientific experiments are taught, including making our own play-dough, investigating pumpkins, baking, and butterfly releasing. We also explore the rain forest, ocean life, hibernation, plants and flowers, nutrition, and seasons. Our field trip to the farm is a special day for JK.

Social Studies

Learning about themselves and families are the basis of our social studies program. Christian holidays and family celebrations are highlighted throughout the year. Community helpers, Pilgrims and Native Americans, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day help round out the program.