Lower School

Fifth Grade

MBCA Curriculum

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  • Welcome to Fifth Grade!

    As we guide the students through this last year of Lower School, we are amazed at the growth they exhibit.
SB10 funding may be available to students who are coming from a Georgia a public school with a current IEP or 504. To see if your child qualifies, please click here to access the SB10 calculator. 

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  • Bible

    Using Positive Action for Christ’s series, the theme for this year is "Possessing the Land". This curriculum is comprised of four primary truths: the Bible is the inspired Word of God, it is essential that we be in His will, Satan’s goal is to turn us from God, and our Creator is both righteous and merciful. Drawing from studies of various Bible characters in the Old Testament, students learn how the principles of God’s Word can help them gain victory in their own lives. Students are led in daily prayers and are expected to memorize and write key Bible verses. This year, our students will work together to create a "25 Days of Prayer" booklet for MBCA's 25th Anniversary celebration.
  • Math

    Using the Progress in Mathematics program, students in fifth grade cover: number patterns and numeration, algebraic equations, whole number operations, prime factors, exponents, statistics, graphs, manipulating decimals, fractions with mixed numbers, angles, symmetry, area, volume, measurement, and capacity.
  • Reading

    Through a variety of interactive and engaging tools, students delve into novel studies with with themes about kindness and accepting individuals for their unique qualities that reflect our Creator. Students are challenged through different reading levels to strengthen their skills in a way that best fits their individual needs. Throughout the year, there will be a focus on non-fiction comprehension strategies and tools as students become more involved with textbook reading in the core subjects. There will additionally be a focus on character traits and development, making inferences, analogies, and figurative language. Furthermore, students will integrate writing into reading responses to better articulate their depth of knowledge. 
  • Science

    All steps of the Scientific Method are explored, as students are immersed in hands-on experiments to test their ability to hypothesize, conduct experiments, analyze data, and draw conclusions. Topics of study include: landforms, plate tectonics, weathering, states of matter, atoms and elements, electricity, cell structure, blood, and the heart and lungs. We also have a great in-school interactive field trip where students get to experiment with microscopes to examine the cell structure of organisms. To round out the fifth grade experience, students travel to Chattanooga for the Southern Belle Riverboat, the Chattanooga Zoo, and the Arboretum Nature Center. 
  • Social Studies

    Fifth grade Social Studies picks up where fourth grade left off, as the students study the effects of westward expansion. An in-depth look at the Civil War and Reconstruction periods provides the students with the background necessary to understand American growth in industrialism and dominance as a world power. As a culmination of these units, a field trip to the Atlanta History Center and Cyclorama offer students the opportunity to see history unfold. 
  • Writing, Language Arts, and Vocabulary

    Proper grammar mechanics is a central focus of fifth grade, as students learn to put their skills to work in their writing. Students continue their use of the Grammar Workshop program to enhance their understanding of parts of speech, subject/verb agreement, sentence types, and punctuation rules. Additionally, students will learn to vary their sentence structure and eliminate run-on sentences and sentence fragments in their writing of three and five paragraph essays. 

    In order to enhance student vocabulary and application, students use the Vocabulary Workshop program. This program is designed to enhance students’ word knowledge and enable them to apply those words in other areas. Students are given a weekly list of words to learn, but by adding in synonyms and antonyms as well, are able to acquire a much larger and more complex vocabulary.

    Students continue writing in cursive throughout fifth grade.