Lower School

Second Grade

MBCA Curriculum

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  • Welcome to Second Grade!

    We believe each child has unique gifts and God-given talents waiting to be affirmed and developed.
In our classrooms, we will laugh and learn together academically, socially, and spiritually. Working in partnership with each of our families, we strive to ensure that each child values learning. While we challenge them to become independent learners and thinkers, we will nurture their confidence and provide them with a supportive environment in which to grow.

The Second Grade Team

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  • Bible

    Using Positive Action for Christ’s elementary series, the theme for this year is "Finding God’s Promises". This curriculum is comprised of five primary truths: God promises Heaven, God promises a Savior, God promises a plan for His people, God promises to teach us, and God promises to bless us when we worship Him and do for others. By studying the life of Moses through the book of Exodus, students learn to trust God. In the mission field, second grade students support the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Students are led in daily prayers and are expected to memorize and recite key Bible verses.
  • Math

    Using Progress in Mathematics, students are exposed to a variety of mathematical functions, including: rote counting, place value, fractions, number theory, equivalency, comparing and ordering numbers, lines and angles, symmetry, problem solving, patterns, number sentences, operations, data collection and analysis, qualitative property, measurement, capacity, money, temperature, and time. In addition to daily practice, students use a multitude of hands-on activities to reinforce learning.
  • Writing, Language Arts, and Phonics

    Students use the integrated program, Super Kids Structured Literacy, to increase their understanding of phonics skills, phonetic spelling patterns, and grammar. As they study the grammar rules and concepts at a more in-depth level, students write complete sentences with correct punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. They will compose paragraphs in an organized format and write stories with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Reading

    Our end-of-year goal for each second grader is to read with fluency and expression, use phonics skills to decode unfamiliar words, and broaden comprehension skills. Using Super Kids Structured Literacy, the students learn core reading strategies, grammar concepts, writing, spelling, and phonics in a thematically based structure that consistently reinforces how those core subjects go together. In reading, the students will explore skills like sequence of events, compare and contrast, author’s purpose, cause and effect, story structures, and character.
  • Science

    Students explore Earth and space, experiment with force and motion, understand the states of matter, and study how animals grow and change. In a study of life cycles, students experience it in real time by observing the life cycle of baby chicks that are brought into the classroom. Students travel to the Chattahoochee Nature Center to study life cycles.
  • Social Studies

    In addition to practical skills like fire safety, students learn about Georgia's economics, elections and government, Georgia's history, heritage, culture, and landforms. Students culminate their study of historical figures by presenting a live History Day for families and students in other grades. Additionally, the students travel to both the Fire Safety Village and Living Georgia History Timeline at the Funk Heritage Center.