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Co-Curricular Classes

At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, we believe our students need to be challenged beyond traditional academic subjects. Our students are blessed with tremendous opportunities to express their creativity through visual and performing arts, take care of their bodies through physical education and participation in competitive athletics, and learn about other cultures and languages through our Latin and Spanish programs. From the technology lab to the library and many points in between, our students' academic day is enriched by co-curricular classes, which expand their horizons and encourage their interests.

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Our library supports and enhances the curriculum of Mt. Bethel Christian Academy in so many ways. 

Lower School classes are scheduled to visit the Library once a week to hear a story showcasing a variety of genres of literature and check out new reading material. We also teach instruction on the use of the library for research and special projects. 

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World Languages

Our study of the Latin language begins in third grade. In the Lower School classes, students discover the influence of Latin on the English language and the influence of the Roman Empire on Christianity. Since 90% of all English words over two syllables are derived from Latin, students learn the building blocks of English, its Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes.

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At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, there are countless ways students can explore visual arts. Fine art instruction begins in kindergarten and builds a foundation for continued study throughout middle school. Students gain a thorough understanding of the elements of art and principals of design. From an understanding of art history and technique to the creation of diverse art forms, students explore and are exposed to a multitude of visual arts mediums.

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Physical Education

Physical Education is a multi-faceted program that integrates kinesthetic learning with listening, following directions, and critical thinking skills to develop the whole child. Physical education is taught at all grade levels and incorporates life skills and health education with physical fitness to develop healthy and active lifestyle skills.

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Music is such an integral part of a student’s healthy development. From Junior Kindergarten to fifth grade students are taught fundamental music elements. These include music listening, music literacy, musical performance, and musical instruments. Students will also gain an appreciation of music history by studying a composer of the month and a piece of his or her music.

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