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Standardized Testing

For decades, educators have used standardized tests to objectively determine what a student has been able to comprehend and how he/she can apply that knowledge. These assessments can also yield important information about our curriculum and our teaching. But not all standardized tests are created equal. A school of quality will carefully select the assessments that are best aligned with the mission and academic objectives of the school.

At Mt. Bethel, we have partnered with Educational Records Bureau (ERB), the most widely-used assessment firm among independent schools of excellence.

In 3rd through 8th grade, we use the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP). The CTP is given over two to four days with the older grades covering more content. We will typically administer the assessment in the spring. 

To learn more about these assessments, please visit:

Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP)

ERB Score Interpretation Folder