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College Counseling - Compass Program





The Compass Program

The Compass Program is a four-year, comprehensive counseling curriculum designed to develop and nurture influential educated leaders. The content will guide our students to show exceptional character when their beliefs are challenged and become influential leaders--like the program's biblical namesake--not only during their tenure at Mt. Bethel Christian Academy but also throughout their lives.

The Compass Program includes four main components:

  • Academic Development
  • College Planning
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development

The Compass Program focuses on helping our students become more self-aware of their God-given learning styles, personalities, gifts and talents, and aptitudes. As an outcome of self-examination, our students will plan for college and career with increased confidence and intentionality. Upon graduation from Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, students will be equipped to face an ever-changing world and to become influential leaders for Christ.