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STEM Honors Program


9th - 12th Grade STEM Honors Program Application (optional)
The Upper School offers an optional four-year STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics) Honors program for students who have demonstrated a strong aptitude for and a high level of interest in the STEM fields. All 9th grade students take a Foundations course after which they may choose one of two tracks for the following three years: Engineering or Biomedical.


Please link here to apply for the STEM Honors Program. Please choose "yes" on the application where it asks whether you are applying to the STEM Honors Program. Whether or not you apply your child for the STEM Honors program has no bearing on your child’s consideration for admission to the Upper School.

STEM Honors Program Enrollment Requirements

Pre-Requisites (Middle School/8th Grade)

  • Physical Science: 90 or higher, Upper School credit
  • Algebra I/Geometry: 90 of higher, Upper School credit
  • Completion of the first year of a World Language (i.e., Spanish/Latin 1A & 1B) for Upper School credit
  • Additional Science Teacher recommendation


  • Take Health over a summer
  • Take Personal Fitness over a summer or earn alternative credit for athletic participation


  • Complete one additional STEM course per year
  • Complete a total of six Science courses (including 8th grade Physical Science)
    • At least four Science courses must be honors/AP
  • Complete a total of five Math courses (including Middle School Algebra I/Geometry)
  • Complete a total of 32 credits (including at least 3 earned in Middle School for Physical Science, Algebra I, and year one of a World Language)