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Tuition and Fees

At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, we are committed to...

  • Providing a strong, Christ-centered education to our students. 
  • Attracting and retaining the highest quality teachers and supplying them with the tools and facilities they need to be successful.
  • Offering competitive Athletics, STEM programming, and Fine Arts that give our students an opportunity to grow and develop outside the classroom.
Tuition Rates 2020-2021
JK/Kindergarten $11,536
1st - 5th Grades $14,573 (iPads & Laptop, Day/Overnight Trips Included)
6th - 8th Grades $16,730 (Laptop, School Retreat Included)

9th - 12th

International Students

*Only available for 9th - 12 Grades 

$16,885 (Laptop, School Retreat Included)

*Additional $1,500 annually

For your convenience, Mt. Bethel Christian Academy offers a one-payment, three-payment, and 10-payment plan (service fees apply to the three and 10-pay plans). After July 1, the ten payment plan is no longer being offered.

Lunch is included in all of our tuition rates. Each year, families can expect an annual tuition increase that will be announced before re-enrollment in January. At the time of enrollment or re-enrollment, families will pay a one time deposit of $1,500 which goes toward their tuition for the next year.

Fees Amount

Lower School is $175 for JK-2nd, which covers the cost of assessment. The fee for 3rd-5th is $100. The ERB/ISEE assessment fee for these grades will be billed directly through the testing service.

Middle and Upper Schools are $100. Middle School and Upper School applicants are assessed through SSAT at an additional charge. The PSAT will be accepted in lieu of the SSAT for Upper School applicants.

Parent Council $75
Textbooks $100 - $500 (depends on course load)


$200 - $500
Sports/ Extracurricular Activities  $150 - $500 (depends on sport or activity)