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Tuition and Fees

At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, we are committed to...

  • Providing a strong, Christ-centered education to our students. 
  • Attracting and retaining the highest quality teachers and supplying them with the tools and facilities they need to be successful.
  • Offering competitive Athletics, STEM programming, and Fine Arts that give our students an opportunity to grow and develop outside the classroom.
Tuition Rates 2020-2021
JK/Kindergarten $11,536
1st - 5th Grades $14,573 (iPads & Laptop, Day/Overnight Trips Included)
6th - 8th Grades $16,730 (Laptop, School Retreat Included)

9th - 12th

International Students

*Only available for 9th - 12 Grades 

$16,885 (Laptop, School Retreat Included)

*Additional $2,500 annually

For your convenience, Mt. Bethel Christian Academy offers a one-payment, three-payment, and 10-payment plan (service fees apply to the three and 10-pay plans).

Lunch is included in all of our tuition rates. Each year, families can expect an annual tuition increase that will be announced before re-enrollment in January. At the time of enrollment or re-enrollment, families will pay a one time deposit of $1,500 which goes toward their tuition for the next year.

Fees Amount

Lower School is $175, which covers the cost of assessment.

Middle and Upper Schools are $100. Middle School and Upper School applicants are assessed through SSAT at an additional charge. The PSAT will be accepted in lieu of the SSAT for Upper School applicants.

Parent Council $75
Textbooks $100 - $500 (depends on course load)


$200 - $500
Sports/ Extracurricular Activities  $150 - $500 (depends on sport or activity)