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Tuition Assistance Guidelines and Policy


Students must be enrolled and/or have been accepted as students at Mt. Bethel Christian Academy for the school year for which assistance is being requested.

Eligibility for Tuition Assistance shall be based upon genuine, demonstrated need as assessed through an independent third party program, School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), and verified by tax documents for the stated year.

Any school balances owed by the applicant must be current in order for a new application to be considered.

Once Tuition Assistance is granted, the parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign an addendum to the enrollment contract, reflecting the new payment obligation. Tuition Assistance is only continued as the family receiving assistance remains current with their regular monthly payments.

In cases where the applicant’s parents are divorced, the assets of both parents will be considered if parents have joint custody. If the custodial parent has remarried, the assets of the stepparent will be included in the review. If someone else is financially responsible for the student, that person should complete the aid form and explain his/her relationship to the student.

If a student withdraws or is expelled from the Academy during the year, all unused portions of the aid shall be retained by the Financial Aid Fund.

Financial aid is not automatically renewable for a new school year. Families must reapply for aid for each school year, providing income verification along with their application for aid.

Financial aid applications received by the deadline will be treated on an equal basis. Thereafter, aid requests will be prioritized by the date received and as funds remain available for distribution.

The maximum aid package is 50% of tuition for qualifying families.


The policy of the Mt. Bethel Christian Academy regarding financial aid is that we SHALL;

Strive through its publications and communications to provide students and families with factual information about the total yearly cost of attendance and about its financial aid opportunities, financing opportunities, policies, and procedures.

Recognize that the primary responsibility for financing a student’s independent school education rests with his/her family.

Use a uniform methodology to assess annually, in a consistent and equitable manner, each family’s ability to pay for education.

Require adequate documentation of family resources when determining need.

Notify accepted aid applicants of financial aid decisions before expecting a binding reply to the offer of admission.

Make every effort to meet the demonstrated need of all admitted or enrolled financial aid applicants.

Continue to fund a student until graduation unless he/she no longer demonstrates a verifiable need.

Retain a certain amount of available financial aid funds for emergency financial aid use during the school year. Any funds so retained but not used will be added to the available funds for the following year.

Have a review procedure for families who wish to request additional funding.

Refrain from and discourage others from making any public announcement of a student receiving financial aid or the amount of that aid awarded to a student.

Safeguard the confidentiality of all financial information supplied by a family.

The policy of the Mt. Bethel Christian Academy regarding financial aid is that we SHALL NOT;

Discriminate in the administration of its financial aid policies because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or age in violation of existing state or federal laws or regulations.

Use financial need as a consideration in determining a student’s eligibility for admission.

Exceed in its offer of financial aid the amount needed to meet the difference between the resources determined to be available to the family and the student’s total educational expenses.