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Service and Leadership

Students’ spiritual growth moves beyond the classroom through their mission work and community service projects. As a result of these efforts, the Association of Christian Schools International has selected the Academy's mission work as an exemplary School Program.

Through Bible classes, Chapel, community service, and Biblical integration throughout the curriculum, students are encouraged to develop into mature, Christ-honoring individuals. Teachers serve as Christian role models and facilitate a House Program to enhance the personal growth of students through daily discussions about issues inherent to middle school and accumulating service hours within each House. Middle school years are formative years where students seek guidance, direction, and encouragement as they begin to develop and set their path in life. Our exceptional teachers; academic, athletic and extracurricular programs; and the unique blessing of combining academics and the Word of God, create a truly unique and remarkable community for an emerging young adult.

Students at MBCA are responsible for contributing their time and gifts to a number of different missions in and around the community. Each grade level adopts a mission to nurture and support, and all middle school students are required to accumulate a predetermined number of service hours.

Each lower school classroom participates in a Foreign Student Sponsorship program. Every classroom "adopts" a student from another country to sponsor by exchanging letters and sending money to help alleviate the devastating effects of poverty and illness that affect so many young people in our world. Collections are taken during chapel and the money is sent to each foreign student to help them directly.

Our students learn to be faithful stewards for Christ and earn the respect and self-respect that comes with making positive contributions to society and mankind.