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At Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, there are countless ways students can explore the fine and performance arts. Fine art instruction begins in kindergarten and builds a foundation for continued study throughout middle school and upper school.

Students gain a thorough understanding of the elements of art and principles of design. From an understanding of art history and technique to the creation of diverse art forms, students explore and are exposed to a multitude of visual arts mediums.

Music is such an integral part of a student’s healthy development, and at Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, worshipping God through music is an important part of the music classroom.

Lower School

In lower school, students are taught fundamental music elements. These include music listening, music literacy, musical performance, and musical instruments. Students will also gain an appreciation of music history by studying a composer of the month and a piece of his or her music. Students in fourth and fifth grades may join the Eagle Choir if they wish to further their talents and performance abilities.

Middle School

In middle school, students can explore their musical interests with the addition of the Band elective. Band.students perform in various school performances and area competitions. Drama is also offered as an elective for students with an interest in theater performance art.

Middle school students will have the opportunity to audition for Mt. Bethel's Spring Musical. Previous productions include Disney's Little Mermaid, Jr., Disney's Lion King, Jr., and James and the Giant Peach. Students participating in the musical will receive stylistically and age-appropriate vocal instruction, learn theater terminology and have the opportunity to assist with choreography and stage direction.

Studio art continues to be an elective for students in middle school as well.

Upper School

At the upper school, students can expand their artistic interests with diverse course offerings such as Introduction to Art, Design Studio, Culinary Arts, Digital Production, Drama, Band, Photography, and Yearbook. Students have the option of a four-year Visual Art program culminating with AP 2-D Art Studio.