Pathways Learning Center

Pathways Student Profile

So, what does a Pathways student look like? An MBCA Pathways student has diagnosed and recognized learning challenges but is still able to be academically successful in and out of his/her selected Pathways classes. We are able to uphold our high standard of academic excellence by maximizing our learning environment and teaching our students the skills they need to be successful. Our intentionally low student-to-teacher ratio allows a high degree of personal attention to individual strengths and weaknesses. By identifying those areas of need, students gain confidence along with their skills, resulting in increased independence and ownership of their own learning.
A student accepted to MBCA with the additional enrollment/acceptance in a Pathways academic class (Lower or Middle Schools) must have a current 504, IEP, or Psycho-Educational Evaluation.*  Accommodations available will be reviewed when talking with parents about enrollment decisions.  However, a Psycho-Educational Evaluation is required for any accommodations to be given at MBCA regardless of Pathways enrollment.  Students need to have a current evaluation on file in order to receive these accommodations.**  (An evaluation is considered “current” if it has been completed within the past three years for Lower and Middle Schools.  Evaluations must have been completed completed within five years of the student’s anticipated graduation date to be considered “current” at the Upper School. This will allow the evaluation to remain active throughout the student’s career at the Upper School and provide him/her with any necessary accommodations by the College Board.)

For questions or more information, please contact Ginny Cummings, Director of the Pathways Program, at
* A student accepted into the Pathways program based on a 504 or IEP will need to have a Psycho-Educational Evaluation from a private practice completed within a year of enrollment.  This evaluation must remain current throughout the student’s enrollment in Pathways and/or to receive learning accommodations.  A Psycho-Educational Evaluation is not required for Lower or Middle Schools Executive Functioning Pathways class (3rd-8th grades) or the Upper School Directed Studies class (9th-12th grades).  
** In order for a student to receive learning accommodations during their career at MBCA, a current Psycho-Educational Evaluation must remain on file.  At the Upper School, an annual accommodation fee of $500 will be charged for students who need accommodations but are not enrolled in the Pathways program.