Pathways Learning Center

Middle School

Middle School students in Pathways have the opportunity to take Pathways Math, Pathways English, and/or Executive Functioning. 
The English Path offers students the opportunity to reach their full potential by focusing on reading comprehension and grammar in a small setting. As the level of reading comprehension required for student success increases in Middle School, not only in Literature but across the curriculum in Science and History as well, being able to read for information becomes increasingly important. English students focus on nonfiction reading comprehension strategies using a variety of leveled texts. Students can apply those same strategies to more in-depth fictional works during novel studies. Vocabulary enhancement is fundamental to reading success at these grade levels, so students study vocabulary in context during novel studies and utilize the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop program as well.

The Math path offers students the opportunity to reach their full potential by reducing their math anxiety and building the confidence they need to move forward in the math curriculum. Sixth grade math students take Math 6, seventh grade students take Math 7, and eighth grade students take Pre-Algebra using the same textbooks as the grade-level classrooms. The content of the class remains relatively the same as others in the same grade, but the design of the class is fundamentally different. The content is individualized to the children’s specific learning needs and progresses only when students achieve mastery to ensure no future skill gaps. 

The Executive Function class teaches students how to get their “school life” together, so they can discover what they are capable of achieving. Students who struggle with executive functioning skills usually have difficulty with working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. Commonly, these same executive function weaknesses are often found in students with ADHD. This class focuses on improving these skills, which benefits students across the curriculum. Middle School students visit Executive Function on a daily basis in place of their world language classes.

All classes are limited to 6 students to maximize individual attention to specific needs. Students new to MBCA and the Pathways program must have a private current psycho-educational evaluation to ensure proper placement.

One Path: $4,000*
Two Paths: $5,000*
Three Paths: $6,000*

*Cost is in addition to tuition