About Us

Roman Karp

Security Officer
Where did you attend college?
A: AS in Criminal Justice from Manchester Community College in Connecticut; University of Connecticut; Connecticut State Police Academy in Meriden, CT; U.S. Army Military Police Academy at Fort McLellan, AL

What year did you join MBCA? 
A: 2013

What do you love about MBCA? 
A: I love seeing the students on a daily basis. The faculty and staff are wonderful to work with. 

What is your all-time favorite sports team? 
A: Boston Red Sox

What is your favorite Bible verse, and why? 
A: Book of Romans - Be dedicated to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. 
It is so important to love each other and to show respect for each other to live in a peaceful world. If we place ourselves in the shoes of others we may understand where that person is coming from and we will open our perspective on different opinions. All through my law enforcement career I have learned to listen well and to respect everyone as if they are my brother or sister. 

What are three fun facts about yourself?
A: I love the beach, walking in flip flops, and cars. 

What is your favorite book? 
A: I love to read about history (various authors).