Middle School
Sixth Grade

World Languages

Our approach to world language instruction in the Middle School is intentional and effective. In sixth grade, students will take one semester of Latin and one semester of Spanish.
The middle school Latin program explores a wide variety of topics relating to Latin and the ancient Roman world. Students begin reading Latin in sixth grade and continue to increase their level of reading comprehension throughout seventh and eighth grades. They study the connections between ancient Latin vocabulary and our modern English language. Latin grammar concepts are introduced and expanded throughout. Roman history, culture, and classical mythology are explored through projects, skits and games. Latin students also discover the impact the ancient Romans had on the life of Jesus and on the Christian Church. Seventh and eighth grade Latin students participate in the National Classical Etymology Exam, an academic competition.  Latin students will be prepared for the Latin II high school level course, and will have a deep understanding of the continuing influence of the Latin language and the Romans on our world today. 

Middle School Spanish is taught using a pseudo-immersion method. Students learn the language through immersion as the teacher creates instruction that is comprehensible, engaging, and interactive. In sixth grade, students take a semester long exploratory course that introduces and reinforces the basic concepts of Spanish. In seventh and eighth grades, students can choose to complete Spanish I and receive a high school credit. Over the course of seventh and eighth grade, students will engage in all four components of language (listening, reading, speaking, and writing). Students will learn a variety of vocabulary topics and grammar structures in a contextualized manner that will not only prepare them for Spanish II in high school but will also provide them the basic skills to converse in a real-world immersion experience.